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Inspection Services in Southwest Idaho

Comprehensive Services for Buyers, Sellers & Agents and Owners

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or real estate professional, you’ll undoubtedly need an inspection at one point during this lengthy process. Make sure you get all the information you need with the help of Signature Home Inspections. We are an inspection company in Southwest Idaho that is committed to your safety and satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to finding any issues that may be present in your home and empowering you with information you need to make confident decisions about your future.


Our professional licensed inspectors know exactly what to look for. After we’re finished, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-read report detailing our findings.

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Our Promise To You


Inspection Services for Real Estate Professionals

Ensure the Safety & Happiness of Your Clients

By taking a typically tedious process and making it fast, convenient, and accurate, Signature Home Solutions has quickly become the most trusted and efficient home inspection company in Idaho.

We utilize professional scheduling resources and advanced cloud-based software that provides detailed reports right away. This allows you to get all the information you need when you need it.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Signature Home Solutions has established a proven reputation with real estate professionals, home buyers, and home sellers alike. We provide a professional inspection every time, and that’s a promise we stand by.

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One Call Does It All

At Signature Home Solutions, we want to make the buying or selling process as seamless as possible. By offering a variety of inspection services in Southwest Idaho, we eliminate your need to hire multiple companies, saving you time, money, and hassle. The mission of Signature Home Solutions is to provide friendly, professional, ethical and quality conscious Home Inspection Services If there are items that do require professional attention we will provide you with a complete List Of Contractors in each field that we have hand-picked and verified. We would never refer you to someone that we would not use ourselves.

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Inspection Services for Home Buyers

Making Sure Your Home

Is a Dream Come True

Your new home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, both financially and emotionally. While your new property may look like it’s in great shape, it can be difficult to pinpoint problems unless you schedule a home inspection with thorough and expertly trained professionals.

With Signature Home Inspections, you can rest easy knowing that your dream home is a dream come true. We can help you protect your investment by conducting a comprehensive inspection.

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Inspection Services for Home Sellers

Helping You Ensure a Smooth Transition

Routine maintenance is one of the many responsibilities of becoming a homeowner. While few things are more rewarding than owning your own home, it’s important to ensure your property has no underlying problems that can lead to costly repairs when it comes time to sell it. Signature Home Inspections is here to provide you with the confidence you need to preserve a properly functioning home.

Our expert team can conduct a pre-listing inspection to help you prepare your home for a great showing. Not only can this lead to a faster and easier closing, but it can also give you the peace of mind you need to confidently sell your property.

Our professional team has your property covered, inside and out, including:

  • Basement, crawl space and attic

  • HVAC systems

  • Windows and doors

  • Flooring, walls and roof

  • Water heaters

  • Gutters and drains

  • Plumbing and electrical systems

  • Foundation

You should never have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your home inspection

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